world-aids-day-2010World AIDS Day

My film Growing Up Positive was screened at the Delaware HIV/AIDS Consortium on World AIDS day 2014 as part of their World AIDS Day festivities. It was quite an honor to have the film debut in the state where I was born. Additionally, Black Enterprise magazine ran a piece on Growing Up Positive today to celebrate World AIDS Day. Again, I’m honored over here.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about HIV/AIDS from activists who are living with the disease. I think them for their candor and their education. There is much that still needs to be done in the area of HIV/AIDS but we’re doing much better than we were 20 years ago. I am thankful for all of the donations and funding available to assist those infected by HIV/AIDS.

The fight against HIV/AIDS is not over so I encourage you to be compassionate toward those with HIV/AIDS and consider donating monies to causes which support the treatment and medicine for those infected with HIV/AIDS.

I thank everyone who has watched the trailer to Growing Up Positive and who has shared it within their networks. Education is the key to the cure, to prejudice and to understanding. Each one, teach one.

Here’s the trailer to Growing Up Positive:


Peace and Love,


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