PaperTownsSo, I’ve been reading like crazy lately. I’ve been on Goodreads and getting tons of recommendations from readers about GREAT books that are out there. Well, I just finished Paper Towns by John Green…. I already read The Fault In Our Stars by him. So far I like The Fault In Our Stars better than Paper Towns. I don’t wanna spoil Paper Towns for anyone so I won’t go into detail about the plot and characters.

I think one of John Green’s greatest assets is that he can communicate like a teenager so well.

I mean the voices of his characters jump off the page. Every. Single. Page. But and there is a big BUT with Paper Towns, I was disappointed with the ending. I was expecting something huge, magnificent, 4th of July worthy–in terms of fireworks, of course. But, as Paper Towns ended I found myself wondering, “Where is the rest of the book?” Or, “Is this really the end?” As with good books, the reader always wants the main characters to do more, to go farther and I guess I’m guilty of wanting more in this case.

For the record, I don’t enjoy critiquing other people’s work. I enjoy finding something wonderful about art in every medium.  I believe every artist has right to paint the pictures as they feel inside. Mr. Green certainly deserves his freedoms! So, I enjoyed reading Paper Towns and wished that I connected more with the ending. As it was written, the book was still enjoyable. And, plenty of kudos to John Green. He’s so colorful and fun. He’s probably a riot in person!

I hear that Paper Towns will be made into a movie. Good! But, I bet they’ll the change ending. LOL. Hollywood takes leaps when they can. Anybody wanna pinkie bet on that one?

Also, I hear that this book is taught in many high schools across the US. I wonder what is the hottest topic of discussion surrounding this book? Anybody had a Paper Town discussion? Let me know, so that I can be informed.

Peace & Love,

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