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Hello everyone,

For your listening pleasure, We wanted to let you know that our first audio book, Exclusive: A Tisha Ariel Nikkole Novel #1, was released this week.

It is available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The links are below:




The book rates 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 50 reviews.

Here’s a blurb about the book:

Behind the velvet rope.
Battles over money, prestige, and power.
A woman who wants love but must go beyond the velvet rope toget it.

When journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole accepts an assignment to interview, superstar artist / rapper,Keyshawn “Shout” Lane, she’s expecting the egotistical,self-absorbing , playboy that dominates magazine covers. What she finds…

Changes her life.

In New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Keyshawn shows her a different side–a side filled with compassion and round-the-way charm. But, when he confides in her that he’s fighting for his life against corruption, power struggles and deceit against a record label executive gone mad, Tisha has to figure out what to do next.

Will Tisha help Shout? Will she become a target by association? Will vindictive record executive, Jordan Ellis, destroy both of their lives?

By the end this book, someone is on life support. Who will it be?

Thanks for reading and listening!!!


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